Hello, and welcome to Animétudes! I’m Matteo, a film and philosophy student, and a big fan of animation, especially anime. This blog is dedicated to it.

This is something of a truism nowadays, but anime and otaku culture have never been as global as they are now. Why is that? The answer would be as complex as it would be fragile. But this difficulty, maybe an impossibility, to reach definitive answers should not stop us from trying to understand what is going on in these works that we categorize as anime. The first step lies in recognizing that they are not just indifferent objects, but works of passion and painstaking effort. This is precisely why we shouldn’t dismiss them and reject entirely what’s misconstrued as “overthinking anime”. Considering how much of a phenomenon anime has become, it would be a mistake not thinking about it seriously; and for those of us for whom anime has become more than a passing diversion, and is now an unquenchable passion, that would be an impossibility.

This blog came out of my need, as a fan, to talk about anime, and to understand it better. I hope that my writing can relay at least some of this understanding and love for the medium of animation that I love so much.

The essays in this blog will be reparted in three main categories, divided by object and style of writing :

  1. Analysis. Filed in here will be the most free and spontaneous kind of essays, dedicated either to singular works or artists that I particularily like. These do not aim to meet any academic standard, but are an expression of my own opinions and speculations about anime
  2. History. Here are texts dedicated to the history of anime, in the widest sense possible : from the evolution of trends, to a chronicle of otaku culture and its productions, and maybe even a few pieces about the Western online fandom as I have grown to know it.
  3. Theory. The most abstract and academic essays on this site will be registered here. This is where I will try to give accounts of what has been said and researched in the now growing field of anime studies and try to confront my own ideas to those already existing.

Outside of this blog, I also do some more sakuga oriented write-ups at Full Frontal.