Hello, and welcome to Animétudes! I’m Matteo, a film student, and a big fan of animation, especially anime. This blog is dedicated to it.

My ideas for what this blog should be about more precisely have evolved a lot with time, which you’ll probably realize if you browse around a bit. But, at the moment, let us say that it is mostly dedicated to anime history – that is, the way anime’s aesthetics, techniques and industry have evolved with time, and how the ways in which we understand anime have evolved with it. For that purpose, I am writing in-depth articles and production histories on specific works, series or artists, and have recently begun making translations, in the goal of making resources more available to the rest of the community.

In brief, then, my goal is to deepen my own knowledge and passion for animation, and share it all with as many people as possible. I hope that you will partake in this and enjoy your time here!

Outside of this blog, I also do some more sakuga oriented write-ups at Full Frontal.